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About the Heart to Hands Surrogacy Family


We deliver a heart-based, ethical and exceptional surrogacy experience for surrogates and intended parents.

  • Experienced in all aspects of surrogacy, including being a surrogate and working in a family-formation law firm
  • Qualified professional leader in the surrogacy industry
  • Thoroughly screened and ready-to-go surrogates

We handle the logistics so you can focus on creating your family.

Adrienne Black, Agency Director

Adrienne Black, Agency Director

Adrienne Black, Agency Director

Adrienne’s is an experienced (and now retired!) surrogate. In 2007, Adrienne delivered an amazingly sweet and serious little boy for domestic heterosexual Intended Parents,  and in 2009 carried his boisterous and charming brother and sister. In 2012, she delivered darling twin girls for an international heterosexual family.  Her final surrogacy was for a pair of daddies in the Pacific Northwest, and she delivered a gentle and smiling son for them.

Adrienne started her family building career as a doula, childbirth educator, and midwife, and received extensive training in counseling, communication and facilitation.  She continued her surrogacy education as a legal assistant for over 5 years in a surrogacy and family formation law firm, and has an extensive understanding of the legal components of surrogacy relationships. In 2011, she opened Heart to Hands Surrogacy where she provides heart-based, ethical and exceptional care to surrogates and intended parents.

Adrienne is an active member of many professional organizations including American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Path2Parenthood, and Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy.  She also co-founded and co-chairs the Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Organization, moderates an active professionals online group, and organizes and facilitates Surrogacy Professionals Retreats.

Adrienne has a deep belief in the beauty and hard work of surrogacy. She is committed to supporting and facilitating loving, strong and cooperative relationships between Intended Parents and Surrogates.

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Trisha Lund, Case Manager

Trisha Lund, Case Manager

Trisha Lund, Case Manager

Trisha brings an amazing background of experience, knowledge and skill to the Heart to Hands family.  Since 2007, Trisha has worked in the surrogacy community supporting diverse surrogacy journeys, including international, domestic, gay and heterosexual families.  Trisha has a strong sense of organization, provides genuine and connected care, and takes a down to earth approach to supporting families through surrogacy.  She is the very best at making sure that your surrogacy journey goes smoothly.

Trisha Says: “I am happy to join this amazing agency and family to help you along your journey.  I have been in the surrogacy industry since 2007 and I also have my bachelors degree from CSU, Chico in Biology, so I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have been a surrogate 4 times for 4 incredible families and know the joy of being a surrogate and the joy of seeing the parents so truly happy.  I have been married for 15 yrs and have 3 daughters ages 19, 15, and 14.  I live on a small farm where I raise animals, grow a garden and ride my horses.

I know surrogacy is a big decision whether you’re a surrogate or intended parent and I am excited to help you along on your journey.”

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Amber Hoecker, Intake Coordinator

amber old website

Amber Hoecker, Intake Coordinator

Amber found her passion for helping families when she started working for Oregon Reproductive Medicine in Portland July 2011, first as an Administrative Assistant and then as an Egg Donor Coordinator.
In September 2015, she moved to Eugene with her husband and son, for the wonderful schools and smaller community that it had to offer.
After having her daughter, Amber decided she needed some balance and took a job working from home. She is happy to return to the fertility world and excited to join the surrogacy community. She now is attending the Waldorf Teaching Education program and loves living in Eugene with her husband, two young kids, and a dog.
When Amber is not working or attending school, she loves to read, sing, practice rollerblading, watch movies, go hiking, visit friends in Portland or family in California, and volunteer at her son’s school.

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Rhonda Graham, Media Specialist

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Rhonda Graham, Case Manager

Rhonda is a retired, two-time surrogate from the Central Coast of California. She is married to her very best friend and together, they have two beautiful, intelligent kids- a sixteen year old girl and a 13 year old boy.

Rhonda has her AA in American Sign Language and is also an aspiring writer, who has written various interest/opinion/informative articles for newspapers as well as All Things Surrogacy. She has finished the fourth (or fifth!) draft of her first novel and has recently received its edited version. She is currently cleaning up the final draft to attempt to have it published in the very near future! Aside from being a mom and writer, Rhonda loves gardening and adores her chickens! She’s also a history nerd who loves to travel, camp, hike, kayak, and read.

Rhonda began her surrogacy journey in 2011. After a few bumps along the road and some momentum-halting obstacles, she delivered two healthy and beautiful twin girls for an incredibly loving and kind same-sex couple from Los Angeles, in 2013. They have become a part of one another’s family and see each other as often as they can.

In 2015, Rhonda delivered a handsome, blue-eyed baby boy into the grateful arms of his mommy, daddy, and big brother, who reside in London, England. They have maintained friendly communications and exchange stories and pictures several times a year.

Rhonda considers surrogacy to have been one of the greatest experiences and achievements of her life and would love to help another woman experience the gift of making someone’s dream a reality.

She asserts that there are many life lessons to be learned throughout every journey and says, “Surrogacy is one of the most kind and giving acts we can perform for another human being. You haven’t known true, organic, unfiltered giving until you have seen the love and awe in the eyes of a parent when they hold their little one for the very first time.”

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Jim Vandagrift, Operations & Escrow Manager

Jim Vandagrift, Operations Manager

Jim Vandagrift, Operations Manager

Jim Vandagrift loves babies, and creating family is one of his passions. He is the husband of a surrogate, and intimately connected with the Intended Parents and their babies. Through every surrogacy pregnancy, he offered love, support and a sense of family. And when the babies were born, he helped the parents transition into parenthood with kindness, humor, feedings, and even the occasional diaper change.

Jim fills several critical roles in the Heart to Hands Family. He brings balance and efficiency, and he manages all the details of the day-to-day operations. Jim’s past experiences running a thriving business keep Heart to Hands moving smoothly. Jim also fulfills the incredibly important role of escrow manager.

Jim is a father of a large blended family. He has many interests, but is currently obsessed with fly fishing, tango and sailing.

Jim says: “Once you see that baby in their arms, it’s all worth it.”

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Dottie Cortez, Social Media Manager

Dottie Cortez, Social Media Manager

Dottie Cortez, Social Media Manager

Dottie graduated in 2001 & married her soulmate in 2002, in SW FL, where she was raised. She has lived in TN for the last 8 years, with her husband, and homeschools their children- ages 16, 13, & 6. Dottie has always loved all things pregnancy, birth, babies, & breastfeeding. She’s been passionate in the surrogacy community since 2014, helping others before, during, & after she was able to carry as a surrogate. Her first & only (due to postpartum complications) surrogacy journey was for a traditional couple in IN. She is proudly known as “Aunt Dot” to the beautiful baby girl she delivered in January @ 9lbs9oz!

“I’m thrilled- to not only be able to work in a field I’m so passionate about, but also to be with an agency that has as much heart as Heart to Hands does!”

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Jenell Batchelor, Case Manager

Jenelle has been active and helping independent IP’s match in the surrogacy community since 2007. Jenelle carried as a Gestational Surrogate twice for Intended Parents in 2007 and 2009, resulting in one full-term birth on Jenelle’s birthday to a beautiful little girl. Jenelle stayed active in the surrogacy community and after research and soul searching decided she wanted to help families grow via traditional surrogacy. In 2013 she delivered a precious and darling little girl into the hands of Mom while Dad caught all the moments on camera. Jenelle found that surrogacy could not only be fulfilling and beautiful for both the parents and surrogate, but also full of intentional hope and thoughtfulness giving the children of surrogacy a wonderful legacy of love. She believes that some of the greatest gifts she has ever received have been to witness each of these parents first moments as they greet their babies and wrap them up in their arms and hearts that have held space for them throughout the journey.


Jenelle went on to work with an agency to help families grow as an intake specialist and recruiter. During that time, she fell in love, married and they added a child to their very blended his-hers-and-ours family. Their life circles around soccer, music, volleyball, softball, FFA, church and during the warm months’ they find quality time to spend on the lake with the boat and jet-skis as a family. In 2005 she accepted an offer to manage an IT group for the University of California, where they were looking for someone to help with change management and transition their outdated service model. She concurrently graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her degree has been a source of enrichment, furthering her experience in social and interpersonal interactions and taught her that you’re never too old to learn something new!


Jenelle is very excited to return to her passion of growing families, birth, and babies at Heart to Hands and thoroughly believes in the option for Intended Parents and Surrogates to experience the joy of loving and ethical matches as they grow a family. She looks forward to helping others through their surrogacy experiences and is grateful to be able to walk with others as they follow their dreams of surrogacy and parenthood.

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