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10 Step Surrogacy Process

Creating a family through surrogacy with Heart to Hands, step-by-step

Heart to Hands will take care of all the details for you,
so you can enjoy creating family!

1. Contact us and let us know you are ready to begin!

Heart to Hands provides you with piles of documents designed to give us all the information we need to get to know you.  After you return the documents to us, we schedule a time to go through them all together.  We run background checks, order medical records and take a little time to get comfortable with each other.  


2. Telling your story

We create a gorgeous profile that tells your story about what brought you to surrogacy. This is what we use to introduce you to your possible matches and to create that perfect first impression.  We only show your profile if we think you might be a match.


3. Meeting your match

When we think we have a good match, we will introduce you. This is the time to get over those ‘first date jitters’, talk, visit and think about whether you want to spend the next year of your life together making dreams come true. A great match is built on communication, trust, and connection.


4. Evaluations and preparedness

Once you know you have a fantastic match, we send your surrogate off to meet with a qualified mental health care practitioner to discuss everyone’s needs and expectations, and how best to create a successful journey. Then your surrogate meets with your medical team for the medical screening, blood work, and initial exam.


5. Meet with your attorney and other support partners

You will meet with your attorney who will draft the surrogacy legal agreement. Your surrogate’s attorney will review and negotiate the agreement on her behalf.  Once the agreement is signed, you will have clearance to begin cycling and will also fund the escrow account.


6. Begin Medications

This is when things get exciting! Your surrogate will receive an IVF calendar and medications and begin preparing her body for the embryo transfer.  If you are working with an egg donor, we will work with the clinic to coordinate the cycles.


7. Embryo Transfer

The embryo transfer typically happens three to five days after the egg retrieval.  It is a quick and painless procedure.  Your medical care provider may recommend the surrogate rest to give the embryo the best chance at implantation. 


8. Grow a Happy Healthy Baby

When we see that sweet little heartbeat at about 7 weeks of pregnancy, we know the transfer worked!  You’ll spend the rest of the pregnancy enjoying bonding with your surrogate and getting sweet pictures and updates of how your sweet baby is growing.  You may wish to attend appointments or ultrasounds with your surrogate.


9. Birth

Your surrogate will deliver your precious baby, and she’ll enjoy seeing the love and joy in your eyes as you cuddle your brand new baby.  This is a special moment.


10. Celebrate!

You have your sweet baby and your surrogacy journey has ended, though your parenting journey is just beginning.

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