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Every woman considering surrogacy has a generous heart. In addition to a generous heart, a surrogate must also be physically and emotionally healthy, financially stable, and have a wonderful support system.

Becoming a Surrogate with Heart to Hands

To qualify to be a surrogate with Heart to Hands, a surrogate must meet the following requirements:



  • Healthy physically and mentally, and willing to undergo extensive screenings

  • Between 21 and 42 years of age

  • No use of tobacco, illegal drugs, or alcohol abuse

  • No use of anti-depressants within the last 6-12 months

  • Must have given birth to, and be parenting, a healthy child

  • No more than 3 previous cesarean births

  • Must not be on government assistance

  • Willing to commit time and energy to the process

  • Stable and mature

  • Has support of spouse, family and friends

  • Live in a surrogate friendly state: We are very sorry but we can not work with surrogates who live in Louisiana, Nebraska, New York, or anywhere outside of the United States

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