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Katherine Vandagrift

Surrogate Engagement Specialist


Katherine was born and raised in Southern Oregon. She is a mother to 5 and a grandmother.  She has a masters degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in international studies. She worked as a teacher in the USA and internationally for the past six years. She strongly believes in inclusivity and people having the agency to meet their goals. Katherine is fully committed to supporting the process of creating families with love and believes that it is a great gift to be able to be involved in the process.


Her background is in International Education and she has experience with people from many walks of life which gives her the heart to work easily with a variety of people. She firmly believes that all people should be supported in their own way and has watched HTH do just that in their mission of being heart-based, ethical and exceptional since their opening. She worked as a surrogate intake specialist when Heart To Hands was just beginning and has recently rejoined Heart To Hands Surrogacy to further support families on their unique journey of creating loving, healthy families.


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