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Sara Miller

Agency Director


Sara joined the Heart to Hands team as Agency Director in January 2024. Sara brings with her a diverse and expansive background in the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) family building, both professionally and personally. Sara has a Bachelor's Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, and completed two years of an MD program at The University of Iowa College of Medicine before opting to discontinue her medical studies to spend more time with her growing family. While building and raising her young family, Sara spent 10 years doing consulting work for a leading biotech company, before entering the world of ART: first in the capacity as a Case Manager, followed by promotion to Program Director and COO at a surrogacy and egg donation agency. After three years at the agency Sara transitioned to the non-profit world as Director of Business Development and Programming for the non-profit organization Men Having Babies. In this role Sara expanded and strengthened strategic partnerships with ART professionals and worked to develop and improve existing educational panels for Intended Parents thinking about embarking on a surrogacy to grow their family.


Additionally, Sara is a one-time gestational surrogate, delivering a baby boy in 2019 for a same-sex couple who reside in Spain.


Sara's most important title in life is that of "Mom", and as such, she is passionate about family and family building. She feels incredibly lucky to live at this point in time when science, medicine, and politics allow many pathways to parenthood. Sara is committed to bringing her whole heart to her work with Heart to Hands clients and industry professionals, and believes that it is our responsibility to provide a heart-based, ethical, and exceptional experience for all of HtH's clients.



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