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Adrienne Black

Agency Founder & CEO


Adrienne’s is an experienced (and now retired!) surrogate. In 2007, Adrienne delivered an amazingly sweet and serious little boy for domestic heterosexual Intended Parents,  and in 2009 carried his boisterous and charming brother and sister. In 2012, she delivered darling twin girls for an international heterosexual family.  Her final surrogacy was for a pair of daddies in the Pacific Northwest, and she delivered a gentle and smiling son for them.


Adrienne started her family building career as a doula, childbirth educator, and midwife, and received extensive training in counseling, communication and facilitation.  She continued her surrogacy education as a legal assistant for over 5 years in a surrogacy and family formation law firm, and has an extensive understanding of the legal components of surrogacy relationships. In 2011, she opened Heart to Hands Surrogacy where she provides heart-based, ethical and exceptional care to surrogates and intended parents.


Adrienne is an active member of many professional organizations including American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Path2Parenthood, and Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy.  She also co-founded and co-chairs the Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Organization, moderates an active professionals online group, and organizes and facilitates Surrogacy Professionals Retreats.


Adrienne has a deep belief in the beauty and hard work of surrogacy. She is committed to supporting and facilitating loving, strong and cooperative relationships between Intended Parents and Surrogates.


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