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Melissa Collins

Senior Intended Parent Case Manager


Melissa was raised in a non-traditional family in rural southern Oregon and moved to Portland after high school in order to attend Portland State University, eventually graduating with a BS in Sociology.  Melissa then spent the next 16 years working in a variety of roles in the healthcare industry, developing skills in customer service, understanding and explaining medical billing and insurance, scheduling, timekeeping and supporting medical providers and patients in family medicine and oncology clinics.  Melissa excels at paying attention to details and developing positive, long-term relationships with colleagues and friends. 


Melissa met her amazing husband Oli in 2014 and they welcomed their first son Ace into the world in 2017.


Melissa is passionate about supporting people as they make their dreams and goals come true in order to live their best lives.  Melissa recognizes that there are multiple ways to define a family and wants to promote the love and compassion that forms a beautiful, healthy family. 


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