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Trisha Lund

Senior Surrogate Case Manager / Insurance Specialist

Trisha brings an amazing background of experience, knowledge and skill to the Heart to Hands family.  Since 2007, Trisha has worked in the surrogacy community supporting diverse surrogacy journeys, including international, domestic, gay and heterosexual families.  Trisha has a strong sense of organization, provides genuine and connected care, and takes a down to earth approach to supporting families through surrogacy.  She is the very best at making sure that your surrogacy journey goes smoothly.

Trisha Says: “I am happy to be with an amazing agency and family to help you along your journey.  I have been in the surrogacy industry since 2007 and I also have my bachelors degree from CSU, Chico in Biology, so I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have been a surrogate 5 times for 5 incredible families and know the joy of being a surrogate and the joy of seeing the parents so truly happy.  I have been married for 19 yrs and have 3 almost grown daughters.  I love pigs, farming, gardening, and puzzles."


"I know surrogacy is a big decision whether you’re a surrogate or intended parent and I am excited to help you along on your journey.”


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