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Jess Kiehner

Intended Parent Case Manager

Born and raised in Alaska, Jess finds her closest connection in the great outdoors. Whether it's exploring the wilderness with her children or tending to their small, regenerative family farm, she embraces the change in every season of life. With over 20 years in client based healthcare and 12 years of experience in birthing centers alongside midwives, she has held roles as an office manager and billing manager, affording her a diverse understanding of the unique needs within various family dynamics. Her genuine passion lies in forming connections with individuals and witnessing the growth of families. She believes that families are conceived and nurtured through love, and that the greater the diversity of families in the world the more our world is enriched with beauty.


Through a very challenging personal journey spanning more than a decade to bring her children into the world, Jess has acquired invaluable insights and cultivated a deep sense of empathy for the extraordinary paths individuals undertake on their journey to parenthood. She considers herself fortunate to be a part of this exceptional team and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to get to know you and contribute to your unique journey.

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