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Jim Vandagrift

Agency Director / COO


Jim Vandagrift loves babies, and creating family is one of his passions. He is the husband of a surrogate, and intimately connected with the Intended Parents and their babies. Through every surrogacy pregnancy, he offers love, support and a sense of family. And when the babies were born, he helps the parents transition into parenthood with kindness, humor, feedings, and even the occasional diaper change.


Jim fills several critical roles in the Heart to Hands Family. He brings balance and efficiency, and he manages all the details of the day-to-day operations. Jim’s past experiences running a thriving business keep Heart to Hands moving smoothly. Jim also fulfills the incredibly important role of escrow manager.


Jim is a father of a large blended family. He has many interests but is currently obsessed with fly fishing, tango and sailing.


“All the effort that goes into surrogacy is rewarded by the look a new parent has on their face when they see their baby for the first time.”


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