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Amber Hoecker

Senior Intake Coordinator


Originally from Northern California, Amber moved to Portland, Oregon in 2001 and got her BA in English from Portland State University. 


Amber found her passion for helping people when she began working with the homeless for several years before switching careers and began helping families at Oregon Reproductive Medicine in Portland in July 2011, first as an Administrative Assistant and then as an Egg Donor Coordinator.

After living in Portland, Oregon for 15 years, she moved to Eugene in 2015. She lives there with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and a lizard. 


Amber has personal experience with the intake process of Surrogacy and feels lucky to be put in a role where she can help surrogates with questions and support them in their choices, all the way through their journey.   


"I truly feel like I'm part of an amazing team at Heart to Hands. There is so much compassion and support we give to each other and to our surrogates and Intended Parents. I love what I do!"



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