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Michael & Markus, International Dads through Surrogacy - TWICE!


These pics seem to be from ages ago, they are still gorgeous but so much bigger! Our daughter just grows her second tooth, crawls and sits,  and as soon as you enter the room she approaches you and pulls herself up your leg, giggling and laughing loudly. It’s just so much fun! We have a hard time believing this should be the last time we experience this….


Our son is a real big boy now since he is in Kindergarten. He has a best friend, a girl his age living across the road. They are together all the time if it's possible, screaming and laughing and talking all the time. In Kindergarten they already got a deadline for their breakfast as they’d spend the whole morning eating and chatting instead of playing. Sooo funny!


Parents through surrogacy, 2015 and 2018

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