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Marino and Marcel, International Intended Parents through Gestational Surrogacy

Expecting their baby in March 2019


We’ve known each other since 2006 and we married in 2008. We live in Germany and have a house in a rural location. We have always wished for children; we ourselves grew up with many siblings, we have a big family. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to have own children here in Germany because of our sexual orientation. Since 2006 we tried with adoption but until today we wait. Our desire for our own children is growing more and more.


In the spring of 2015, we meet Intended Parents who told us that they become parents through a surrogate mother in the USA. We educated ourselves on the internet. At the end of 2015, we got in contact with Heart to Hands. We decide to work together. Marino sold his condo so we have money for our plans. Now it starts with a lot of bureaucracy work. Contracting with Heart to Hands and creating our Intended Parent profile. We chose Traditional Surrogacy. May 2016 we fly to the US for 10 days and donate our sperm in the local clinic (It is very funny and exciting to do this) Our sperm had a 6 months quarantine - along time to wait until start with the process. We met Adrienne and her family, and the surrogate mother of the couple that told us about surrogacy. We had a lot of fun. At this time we met about a potential surrogate, Emily. know us was sympathetic and would like to work with us. She is from Kansas. Already during our stay, we have a skype conference. We decide to work with her. Now our journey is over Hert to Hands tests Emily if she is suitable for surrogacy. In August, the contracts are ready. We fly to Kansas and learning Emily personally we live with her for two weeks. She has a 4-year-old son and is a single mother. It is interesting to get an insight into her everyday life. At this time we sign the contracts. Emily is already set for your cycle. ( It was a nice time)


After a long wait, try 1 in November 2016 (negative)


December, January, February all attempts without success. We were very sad, Emily had an irregular cycle and it was also a mental strain for her and stressed her. For us, all this is associated with a lot of nerves, time and financial effort. Our wish continues to be very big we make wineries. We decided on another step (gestational surrogate motherhood) Heart to Hands starts from scratch and is looking for a new GS for us. February 2017 We meet Amanda our future surrogate mother. At the same time, we have an anonymous egg donor at our clinic in Eugene. She has delivered us 6 embryos. 3 from Marcel and 3 from Marino sperm.


In July 2017 Amanda got her first embryo transfer we decide on the best embryo no matter who is the father, now it's waiting for the first pregnancy test and I can say 10 days could be like ten years. Her pregnancy test was positive, we are very happy. Her beta HCG increased very fast. Unfortunately, in the 6th week of pregnancy, Amanda started bleeding and we lost the baby.


Despite everything we kept trying. Two of our embryos did not implant and on the third try, one little embryo implanted. Finally pregnant again, the Beta Hcg number rose. An ultrasound showed that the embryo was growing well, it's a boy we are overjoyed. After the 5th month of pregnancy, we set up the nursery at home. We have almost everything and are looking forward to it. Despite everything going well, there is always a fear there that everything won't go well until birth.


At the beginning of March 2019 our little M ..... will see the light of day.


It is a very big step to opt for surrogacy, requires a lot of patience, nerves, strength, love, friends to talk to, support from the agency. Of course also some financial security.


There is a saying:

The realization of each dream begins with a daring step.

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