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Emily, 1st Time Surrogate pregnant for US IPs


I began researching surrogacy a couple years before researching agencies to guide me.  When I came across the Heart to Hands website, I knew the journey would be an important life choice and I assumed that most agencies would be capable of handling the basic surrogacy protocol.  But that's where my assumptions topped out and after meeting Adrienne, it was clear that I had underestimated how important the perfect match would be on this surrogacy adventure.


I owe the wonderful new friendship I've gained to the value they place on helping surrogates find their perfect intended parent(s).  I also feel blessed to have them in my corner for all questions and potential hurdles that come up in the whole process. Trisha makes me feel like I am never alone, contrarily, I feel like I have experienced friends that I can turn to whenever I need them. The surrogacy world is lucky to have Heart to Hands and I'm lucky to have found them!


With heart,





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