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Victor & Miha, Dads through Surrogacy


We, Victor and Miha, have been together for 12 year before we became dads. And honestly until a year before becoming parents, thinking of having our own children it seemed just like a science fiction or a long distant dream.


And then one day when we heard of surrogacy this dream started to be not that distant anymore. 


After an exhaustive investigation we got in touch with Adrienne form Heart to Hands and we immediately felt that her experience and human warmth would be very important contribution in our dream to become true. We felt something special with her and with Oregon. 



From here on everything went so smoothly, that we could not have imagined even in the best case scenario. The fertility Clinic was great, we were so lucky with the donor and most important we had a wonderful surrogate. She carried two babies and after less than 9 months she helped us to live the most beautiful experience ever in our lives and we became two happy dads with two most beautiful children. Helping us to create a family is something we will be grateful forever to surrogate and everyone involved in our surrogacy journey.


It's been a blessing.

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