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Adrienne, Experienced Surrogate for US Intended Parents

Today I kissed their precious little heads, hugged their parents hard, and said my GoodByes.

It’s such a bittersweet moment to have them go home. I want desperately for them to return to their lives and settle into their being parents, to leave the surrogacy part of it behind and just be their family. To have the completion and the normalcy that families not struck with infertility have. To just be a family, not a family through surrogacy.


And so I held them tight and loved their sweet little butter bodies, and talked and laughed with the parents, and put each special second in a sacred decorated part of my brain to mull over and dig through and wallow in for the next week as I miss them terribly.


And my heart is so tender and filled with joy and I am completely at peace, but Oh, I miss them already. I miss the parents and the way they light up when their babies lock eyes with them. I miss the way the parents talk to each other with the closeness of people who know each other through and through. I miss the closeness and special delight we all have in each other. I miss the feel of their little bodies melting against me. I miss the joy I get from watching the parents figure out all the intricacies of what their babies like. I guess I just miss them.


And still, I am filled with an indescribable joy and sense of completion and satisfaction. This is what surrogacy is, this combination of love and passion and perfect loss.


I am so proud of those parents and feel so lucky to share in this special thing we all did together. I can’t think of what I did to deserve such a blessing, but I am thankful and humbled to be granted such a love as strong as this.

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