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Brent & Michael, Dads through Surrogacy


I wanted to share my experience with you.  As a male couple, we struggled for two years to find an appropriate Jewish egg donor, and then worked with a California Fertility clinic to fertilize the eggs and preserve them.  The multitude of little steps involved in getting from eggs to fertilized embryos and then finding a surrogate to carry our baby was far beyond anything we could have imagined! It was depressing and overwhelming to face this number of challenges.  Having the help of Heart to Hands Surrogacy made what seemed like an impossible undertaking, pleasant, fluid, comfortable and one of the best experiences of our lives! Adrienne walked us through every step, was able to get involved exactly where she knew she was needed and made a crucial impact right where they were so often needed.  She facilitated getting us in touch with an outstanding attorney, getting an escrow company, making sure all of the paperwork was done correctly by the Fertility Clinic and we really felt like we had an advocate in her. Someone who was on OUR side, in a loving, natural and completely comfortable and nonjudgmental way. It felt like part of our family, working with her, in a VERY personal, delicate and, at times, overwhelming undertaking that was so very important.  I would never put my family in the hands of anyone else. Thank you for making our family dream come true. Thank you for being there, right when we needed you, thank you for what you do and who you are…….from the depths of my heart…..Thank you!

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