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  • Adrienne Black

The Importance or Relationships in Surrogacy

Every surrogacy relationship is different! This is a unique relationship, and as long as you treat each other with kindness and respect, there is no wrong way to have a surrogacy relationship.

Perhaps you want to feel like family and have lots of calls, video chats, and visits. Or maybe you are a bit cautious about the relationship and want to take it slow and let the relationship unfold as you get to know each other. Or maybe even you want to keep each other at a little distance.

Whatever you are looking for in your relationship is ok, as long as you are open, honest and transparent about your needs. Be sure to tell your Case Manager what is important to you so that HTH can show you profiles for potential matches that want the same type of relationship. Talk about it in the Match Meeting, so you and your potential match are aware of each other’s expectations.

And if you don’t know what kind of relationship you want yet? That’s also ok! It’s completely normal to be unsure about exactly what type of communication, and the frequency of it, that you want to have. You can always reach out to your Case Manager to discuss!

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