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Preparation for Delivery (IP Edition)

The delivery is the most anticipated part of a surrogacy! It can also be an exciting and stressful time, so here are a few things to remember.

You will need a “GO” bag. This is what you will bring with you to the hospital. Here are a few must-have items for your “GO” bag:


  • Formula and bottles

    • The hospital will provide formula and bottles while you are there, but if you have a particular brand you should bring it with you so you won’t have to switch over when the baby is so young.

  • The going home or newborn picture outfit.

  • Pacifiers if you have a specific kind you want to use.

  • Your phone, camera and computer chargers

  • Snacks and beverages. Labor can be long and the hospital may not have anything available to purchase. Choose low odor snacks-your surrogate’s sense of smell will be heightened in labor and strong smells will bother her!

  • Mints or gum

  • A button-down shirt or robe. After Baby is born, Baby will be handed to you for skin on skin contact.

  • A particular pillow or blanket you like. It will give you a sense of home and may help you to feel more comfortable while you are at the hospital.

Delivery gifts for your surrogate aren’t necessary, but if you want to give one, we have seen things like:

  • Gift cards for dinner places (so food can be delivered)

  • Special bracelets or necklaces with the baby’s birth stone, date of the transfer, or other special dates you may have with the surrogate.

  • Flowers

  • Massage and spa appointments for after delivery

An important task when you get to the hospital is to make sure you talk with the hospital’s registration and billing department about paying for Baby’s medical care.

  • Make sure they have either your insurance information or will know that you will be paying directly for Baby’s care.

  • If you are paying the hospital directly for Baby’s care, make sure to ask if they have a cash pay discount. Most hospitals offer between a 10%-40% discount if you pay Baby’s medical bills before Baby is discharged

Ask if there will be a separate room available for your new baby and you. This is usually something the hospital won’t know until you are checked in for delivery and they can see what space they have available.

Bring your birth and newborn care plan (also called a Birth Plan) and give a copy to the nurse so they know your wishes once the baby has arrived. (HTH will help you develop your birth plan in the third trimester.)

And last, but not least, ENJOY YOUR NEW BABY!!! And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns :o)

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