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Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy is when a woman (the gestational carrier) carries a child created from sperm and ovum from someone other than the surrogate, with the intention that someone other than herself will parent the child (the intended parents).  The gestational carrier may be related to the child by blood, but she is not the genetic mother of the child.

The gestational carrier becomes pregnant through in vitro fertilization.  She sees her own medical care providers for prenatal care, and delivers in her own town.

The bond that the intended parents and gestational carrier share is special.  From the beginning, you will talk directly to each other, exchange emails, text and skype.  Often, there are visits for milestone appointments or other events.  Almost always, the intended parents are at the birth and everyone gets to witness the beautiful moment of them holding their baby for the first time.

At Heart to Hands, we help you build a close and sweet bond that will result in wonderful memories, a beautiful creation story for the child, and maybe lifelong friendships as well.

Our Gestational Surrogates

Our gestational carriers all meet extensive requirements. They are further screened through an extensive getting to know you process to make sure they meet the specific needs of the intended parents we match them to.

All gestational carriers that work with Heart to Hands understand the requirements of gestational surrogacy, including the required monitoring, medications and ivf procedures.  They are 100% committed to helping intended parents become actual parents, and will go the extra mile to make sure it is a great experience.

Our Intended Parents

Heart to Hands intended parents through gestational surrogacy also meet extensive requirements and go through a thorough getting to know you process.  This helps us learn what their needs, expectations and hopes are. Our goal is always to have prepared intended parents that understand the surrogacy process, know what to expect, and that are thrilled to be working with their gestational carrier.

What you can expect from the Heart to Hands Gestational Surrogacy Program

  • Extensive and thorough getting to know you process

  • Beautiful and Personal 6- 10 page Intended Parent and Surrogate Profiles (ask to see an example!)

  • Matching services

  • Background checks of all parties

  • Referrals for psychological evaluation of the gestational carrier and her partner by a qualified mental health care provider that includes an in-person consultation and either the MMPI or the PAI

  • Referral for psychological evaluation of intended parents by a qualified mental health care provider

  • Referrals to mental health, medical, legal and escrow service providers*

  • Coordination of travel, if requested

  • In-depth facilitated conversations regarding contract issues

  • Compensation Spreadsheet with dates payments are due**

  • On-going support through matching, cycling, pregnancy and throughout the journey.

  • We will support you for the entire process, from the time you first contact us until the moment the surrogacy is completed.  

Additional Services Not Included in Agency Fee, but available as requested:

  • Travel Expenses for in-person interview of Surrogate

  • In-person support for embryo transfer or birth

  • Birth plan and preparation

  • Doula services

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