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Are you passionate about surrogacy and excited to share your journey? 

Become a Surrogate Advocate and play a vital role in educating the general public and empowering other surrogates.















What is the Surrogate Advocacy Program?

Our Surrogate Advocacy Program is a community-driven initiative designed to foster connection, support, and education about surrogacy to the general public. As a Surrogacy Advocate, you'll have the opportunity to:

Share Your Story:

Be the voice of your surrogacy journey and inspire others by sharing your unique experiences.

Provide Support:

Extend a helping hand to surrogates embarking on their journey. Offer guidance, tips, and encouragement based on your own valuable experiences.


Educate and Empower:

Contribute to the surrogacy community's growth by providing insights and information about the surrogacy process.



Why Become a Surrogate Advocate?



Make a Difference: 

Your story can inspire, encourage, and empower others, making a meaningful impact on the surrogacy community.

Connect with Others: 

Build lasting connections with fellow surrogates, creating a supportive network that understands and celebrates the surrogacy journey.

Be a part of the community at HtH: 

As a Surrogacy Advocate, your efforts will be acknowledged and celebrated within the Heart to Hands Surrogacy community.

Ready to become a Surrogate Advocate and be a guiding light for others?

Click the "Join Now" button below to have a call with Katherine and get signed up!



Thank you for being a vital part of the Heart to Hands Surrogacy family!

Welcome to Heart to Hands Surrogacy

Advocacy Program

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