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Surrogate Triplets born to Oregon Family

Surrogate Triplets

Last week, A from Oregon gave birth to surrogate triplets, all girls, for her Intended Parents W & K!  W&K’s triplets join their other two daughters, twin toddler girls!  Their house will be a bustling and busy, filled-with-love, home!

This phenomenal surrogate delivered these 33 week girls and they were fantastic weights!  They are all doing well, on room air and just spending a little time in the NICU so they can grow.

This amazing match lived close to one another and came to Heart to Hands after already being matched.  They made it through a difficult start with the other agency, a complicated and taxing pregnancy, and several weeks on bedrest, and their story resulted in this wonderful outcome.  The Intended Parents and Surrogate were an exceptional team!

Congratulations to all of you on these beautiful surrogate triplets.

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