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10 Step Surrogacy Process

Creating a family through surrogacy with Heart to Hands, step-by-step

1. Contact us and let us know you are ready to begin!

Heart to HandsHeart to Hands provides you with piles of documents designed to give us all the information we need to get to know you.  After you return the documents to us, we schedule a time to go through them all together.  We run background checks, order medical records and take a little time to get comfortable with each other.

2. Telling your story

Heart to HandsWe create a gorgeous profile that tells your story about what brought you to surrogacy. This is what we use to introduce you to your possible matches, and to create that perfect first impression.  We only show your profile if we think you might be a match.

3. Meeting your match

Heart to HandsWhen we think we have a good match, we will introduce you. This is the time to get over those ‘first date jitters’, talk, visit, and think about whether you want to spend the next year of your life together making dreams come true. A great match is built on communication, trust and connection.

4. Evaluations and preparedness

Heart to HandsOnce you know you have a fantastic match, we send you off to meet with a qualified mental health care practitioner to discuss everyone’s needs and expectations, and how best to create a successful journey. Then you will meet with the Intended Parents’ Medical team for the medical screening, blood work and initial exam.

5. Meet with your attorney and other support partners

Heart to HandsYou will meet with your attorney to review your legal agreement, and make any changes.  You may also meet medical providers, \financial facilitators and other necessary third party professionals to make sure all your details are handled. Don’t let those details stress you out! Heart to Hands will walk you through every step.

6. Begin Medications

Heart to HandsThis is when things get exciting! You will receive your calendar and your medications, and begin preparing your body for the embryo transfer.  You will be expected to give yourself injections, but we’ll train you how to do it. But don’t worry-you can do it!

7. Embryo Transfer

Heart to HandsThe embryo transfer is a quick and painless procedure where they transfer one or more embryos into your uterus.  You usually get a short and sweet 24-48 hour rest period, and then return to your normal day-to-day.

8. Grow a Happy Healthy Baby

Heart to HandsWhen we see that sweet little heartbeat at about 7 weeks of pregnancy, we know the transfer worked!  You’ll spend the rest of the pregnancy enjoying feeling that sweet baby grow and sharing the experience with the intended parents!  You’ll start receiving compensation monthly after the heartbeat ultrasound.

9. Give Birth

Heart to HandsYou’ll deliver that precious baby to the Intended Parents, and you’ll see the love and joy in their eyes.  This is a special moment.


10. Celebrate!

Heart to HandsEnjoy a good night’s sleep, a glass of champagne, and the knowledge that you did something wonderful.  (And think about doing it again!)


Through cycling and the entire pregnancy, Heart to Hands will be your go to!  

We stay connected with you, help with anything that comes up, listen to complaints

and smile at sonogram pictures.

We are with you the whole pregnancy, until the very end, when everyone celebrates a dream come true!

Heart to Hands will take care of all the details for you,

so you can enjoy creating family!

Heart to Hands makes this a wonderful experience.

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