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Surrogacy Health Insurance Options after Open Enrollment

Surrogacy Health Insurance

Open Enrollment is over, and your surrogate doesn’t have surrogacy health insurance.  Now what do you do?  What options do you have?

Here are the options for surrogacy health insurance that are available, as of February 2017.  (Please note: options may change according to changes in the Affordable Care Act.)

  1.  Wait until Open Enrollment next year to begin cycling.
  2. Purchase a high-cost catastrophic policy like those underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.  Do your homework, and make sure that the policy will cover your needs.  There are several companies that can help you get one of these policies.  Try ArtRisk, New Life or Universal.
  3. Cash Pay, with or without a negotiator.  A negotiator can offer lower the amounts significantly and may balance out the cost of hiring them.  If you choose cash pay, expect to deposit up to $40k additional in escrow to cover the medical costs.
  4. Hope for a qualifying event that will open a special enrollment period.  Qualifying events are usually something significant that happens in the surrogate’s life.  You can read more about the specifics of qualifying events at Healthcare. gov.
  5. Match with a surrogate that has insurance that covers surrogacy.  Surrogates that have insurance that covers surrogacy are in high demand.  They may ask for a slightly higher base because of the value of their insurance policy.

Insurance is a complicated and tricky part of the surrogacy process.  Whether you have insurance or not, don’t ever assume that you can tell if a policy will cover surrogacy just by looking at the insurance booklet.  Make sure to protect yourself by having a qualified health insurance professional familiar with surrogacy review the policy.

Heart to Hands knows how stressful insurance is.  We work with you to understand the best solution for you.

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