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February Surrogates READY to match

Surrogates Ready to match

Heart to Hands has an amazing group of surrogates ready to match with you this February.  They have been screened, had records reviewed and are ready to meet you.

No Waiting! 

  • GS Q lives in Chicago, and has two very sweet children.  She is a first time surrogate, but you’d never know it with her calm and poise.  She’s in a great state for surrogacy, and is ready to help you become parents.
  • GS H is a married, first time surrogate from California.  She’s looking for a great family that is dreaming of their baby.  She’s close to California clinics, and is just waiting for you.
  • GS J is in the Bay Area in California.  She’s the perfect match for intended parents that want someone that is sweet and stable.  She is close to great clinics and airports, and is ready for you to become the parents you’ve always wanted to be.
  • GS J is in Southern Florida, and she’s looking for that ideal Florida family to make parents.  She’s the perfect surrogate for a couple that wants a communicative and dedicated surrogate.  She’s more than ready to help your family become more than a dream.
  • GS T is a repeat surrogate in Oregon. She’s ready to match with a family and cycle in the summer.  She’s experienced and you’ll feel so comfortable with her!  She’s ready to get to know you so you can get pregnant this summer.
  • GS A is an experienced surrogate in Arizona that can’t wait to make another family’s dreams come true.  This surrogate has a great family, and is ready to make this surrogacy a great experience for you.

Contact us TODAY to learn more about these surrogates ready to match.  We send you their profile, their compensation packets and we’ll give you a completely FREE 20 min consult!

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