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Traditional Surrogacy contracts signed! Congrats, TS D and IFs A&I

Traditional surrogacy contracts

Traditional Surrogacy contracts signed!  Congrats, TS D and IFs A&I!

Finally the traditional surrogacy contracts are signed! Surrogate D and her intended fathers A&I checked off another thing that needed to be done before they can begin inseminations.  They are all very excited for their first insemination in March.

This is a wonderful match between an Oregon traditional surrogate and German Intended Fathers.  Traditional surrogacy is popular with German intended fathers and Heart to Hands loves working them.  In general, they are kind, attentive and genuinely love and respect their surrogates.

Many German dads choose traditional surrogacy to create their families.  But why traditional surrogacy?

  • They want to tell their creation story. These dads are proud of how they created their family.  They’ve waited years to welcome a child, and are proud of the love that made them family.
  • They want their child to know who the genetic mother is. Because they don’t have a uterus, these dads have to explain how their child came to be somehow.  Knowing the genetic mother, and having a relationship with her, helps their child understand their story better.  They feel the only difference from using an egg donor is that the traditional surrogate has a sweet and special bond with their child because she both gave her egg and grew their baby.
  • They believe in family.  Because these these bonds are lifelong, intended parents, surrogate, and their families become one large extended family.

This is what traditional surrogacy is all about.  Creating Family.

You can read more about traditional surrogacy, and the Heart to Hands Traditional Surrogacy Program.

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