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  • Base Compensation varies according to each surrogate’s specific situation.
  • Factors that impact this number include your geographic location, experience, health insurance status, etc.
  • Base Compensation begins at confirmation of heartbeat and is delivered in eight payments

ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION (Not included in base compensation)

  • Start of Meds Fee $250
  • Cancelled Cycle Fee $500
  • Embryo Transfer Fee $1000
  • Invasive Procedure Fee $1000
  • Termination of Pregnancy Fee $1500
  • C-section Fee $4000
  • Multiple Fee $7500 per each additional fetus 
  • Loss of Reproductive Organ/Ability $5000


  • Non-Accountable Monthly Allowance $200
    • begins at contract signing and continues through 6 weeks post-partum
  • Maternity Clothes $500
    • $250 additional if carrying multiples
  • Housekeeping Allowance $100/week
    • For required bedrest lasting longer than a week, beginning at 32 weeks gestation and through 4 weeks postpartum
  • Child Care up to $100/day
    • Provided for any domestic overnight travel, in the event of bedrest ordered by medical care provider, and for up to 4 weeks post-partum
    • For surrogacy related appointments that are outside of regular childcare hours
    • Payment will be made directly to childcare provider


  • Domestic Travel Expenses Surrogate and Surrogate’s Companion $varies
    • rental car fee, taxi or other ground transportation
    • mileage over 50 miles @ current tax rate if surrogate uses own car
    • coach airfare at surrogate’s convenience
    • hotel rental
    • per diem of $50 per day, per personmeals reimbursed by receipt, not to exceed a maximum of $100/day
  • Medical Expenses $varies
    • Intended Parents pay uninsured medical costs for cycling, pregnancy and delivery and any issues that were symptomatic within 3 months post-partum and treated through 6 months post-partum
  • Health Insurance $varies depending on surrogate’s insurance
  • Life Insurance premium up to $500
  • Counseling Provisions up to $1800
    • uninsured counseling expenses for surrogate up to 6 visits 
  • Attorney Fees $500 retainer will be established with surrogate’s counsel for surrogate to contact legal counsel during the time the contract is effective.


  • Surrogate $varies
    • Surrogate is compensated lost wages at her actual rate of pay at the time of the event missed for cycling appointments, surrogacy related doctor’s appointment or surrogacy related events (up to 2 days per event), doctor-ordered bedrest and post-delivery recovery time up to the earlier of either 6 weeks post-delivery or when surrogate is medically cleared to return to work, and for up to 5 days of international travel.
  • Surrogate’s Spouse/Partner $varies
    • Spouse/Partner is  compensated lost wages at the actual rate of pay at the time of the event missed for required domestic travel, birth and up to 5 days within a 3 week postpartum period.


  • Escrow is held through a third party escrow company or attorney  $1500


  • Pumping $250/week + cost of supplies
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