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Surrogacy Health Insurance Options after Open Enrollment

Surrogacy Health Insurance

Here are the options for surrogacy health insurance that are available, as of February 2017.  (Please note: options may change according to changes in the Affordable Care Act.)  Wait until Open Enrollment next year to begin cycling. Purchase a high-cost catastrophic policy like those underwritten by Lloyd's of London.  Do your homework, and make sure [Keep reading...]

Traditional Surrogacy contracts signed! Congrats, TS D and IFs A&I

Traditional surrogacy contracts

An exciting milestone for this traditional surrogacy match! Yesterday contracts were signed and inseminations are just around the corner in March! Congrats, TS D and IFs A&I

Triplets go home to big sisters!

Triplets go home

Look at these absolutely adorable triplets heading home in their cute matching outfits! These sweet girls spent only 2 weeks in the NICU after their amazing surrogate A gave birth to them at 33 1/2 weeks! Great job! Congratulations to their amazing parents

Happy Valentines from Heart to Hands

Happy Valentines from Heart to Hands

What would we do without you?  We love you! Happy Valentines Day from the Heart to Hands Family [Keep reading...]

Is your surrogacy escrow safe?

Surrogacy Escrow

There are two things you need to consider when thinking about protecting your surrogacy money; Funds Holding and Funds Management. Funds Holding Services The safest place for you to keep the money for your surrogate's compensation and expenses is in a legal funds holding service. An escrow company, or an attorney that has additional insurance [Keep reading...]

Surrogate Triplets born to Oregon Family

Surrogate Triplets

Amazing Surrogate A delivered happy, healthy, and hefty triplets girls! Congratulations to W&K, who now have 5! beautiful daughters

February Surrogates READY to match

Surrogates Ready to match

No Waiting!  GS Q lives in Chicago, and has two very sweet children.  She is a first time surrogate, but you'd never know it with her calm and poise.  She's in a great state for surrogacy, and is ready to help you become parents. GS H is a married, first time surrogate from California.  She's [Keep reading...]

Happy 2017 friends!

Happy 2017 friends!

Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. -Hal Borland. Happy 2017 friends

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