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Triplets go home to big sisters!

Triplets go home

Triplets go home!

I can’t believe these gorgeous Triplets go home so soon!  Yesterday they were able to join their twin big sisters, and their parents, at home!  They spent only 2 weeks in the NICU.  Just long enough to put on some weight and learn to feed well.

This morning Mom posted that she and Dad got a solid 4 hour stretch of sleep, were able to feed the triplets in 45 minutes and were back in bed.  Clearly, they’re pros at this already.

This is one of those rare and amazing triplet stories where everyone is healthy, happy and strong.  Thanks to everyone’s strong commitment to each other, to taking care of Surrogate A, and to staying strong in their faith.

And this story is particularly moving because this match had some major challenges (besides carrying triplets!) along the way.  They came to Heart to Hands already pregnant after a bad experience with their original agency, and treated each other with grace, love and partnership.  Talk about relationship goals!

Heart to Hands was absolutely honored to support these amazing people through their surrogacy story!

You can see their birth announcement here.

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